Friday, November 21, 2014

101 Reload~

From time to time we reload previous posts, today we travel to December 2007 and one of our first contributors, Dave Foulk. Dave wrote about another legend, Doc Johnston...

"I also cut some radio teeth running the board for Doc Johnston. CP is right-on. Doc was not the easiest guy to work for. I do for control board work what the Boston Strangler did for door-to-door sales. Now, combine that with Doc's temper, and the results were some really colorful chewing out sessions. He could be a real tough person to please sometimes, but Doc also had another side that he would show sometimes. And I think he had a genuine relationship with his listeners. The control board I ran was an old RCA BC6-A, tube type that got hotter than blue blazes. All of the CBS radio features were delay broadcast, and you had to remember when to roll the tape. For that, you had a Gra-Lab timer like the ones used in photo darkrooms. The delay broadcast programs were recorded on an old Magnecorder- a "Maggie" that Moses used to record his daily program. Doc was a fantastic piano player, and he always started the program with the tune "Sunrise Serenade". I'm a musician of sorts myself, and I always like to warm up with some scales or exercises or something. Not Doc. He would come in, crack his knuckles, and start right on cue with the old "Woody Herman" song on that baby grand. The spots were run on old Spotmaster cart machines, the kind that you had to lock in the pinch roller with a lever. Later, we graduated to some newer machines. Remember how the recording would have a bad place on it if you didn't watch the machine and cue past the splice before recording? The telephone coupler was a complex switch arrangement that made putting live telephone calls on the air next to impossible. Later, I dee-jayed afternoon drive on WBIR. Doc would pre-record the General Shale 5:50 news before he went downstairs to do the WBIR TV news at 6PM. WBIR Radio ran the CBS World News Roundup at 6PM. I still believe that newscast is the best fifteen minutes of radio network news around. Once, the legendary Lowell Thomas came to town and had to hook-up with the network to run his Lowell Thomas Report from Knoxville. That took some engineering set-up work. Thomas didn't write his own material, which disappointed me. It was dictated to someone at WBIR from the CBS newsroom in New York..possibly written by Mervin Block or one of his colleagues there. Today,. his script could have been e-mailed, and his newscast e-mailed right back to CBS. What a difference between 1976 and 2007! Back to Doc- I was once told a story about how someone put a piece of steel re-bar across the piano strings of Doc's baby grand. One morning he came in, cracked his knuckles, and at the appointed second, he started his theme...and WHANG ! I was told it sounded more like a sitar than a piano. I never found out for sure who played that prank, but Don Lindsey, now the PR chief for Triple-A was also a Doc sidekick at WBIR, and might have some clues to their identity. Ken McGavin (McWhorter) was a good boss and a good PD to work for at WBIR. He was even tempered, something that was a real asset in that job. Working for him was a pleasure. I also had the opportunity to work with Ken Johnson, one of the early voices of Knoxville radio from WATE. Later, when I moved to WSB in Atlanta, I got a call from Anita- Doc's sister. She heard me on-the-air and called to see if I was the same David Foulk that had worked with her late brother in Knoxville. We had several pleasant phone conversations over the next few years. I am forever thankful for the time I was able to spend at WBIR with the good folks who were there." (Dave Foulk)

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Happy Burfday to Ed Brantley!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WSEV...back in the day!

Phil Jarnigan sent this to 101...

Ron Hicks in the WSEV studio back in 1981. The am was located at 930 on the dial and the soon to be WMYU U-102 was sitting at 102.1 and playing beautiful music!

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Birthday wishes this week to Raymond Stecker Wilck III of WNOX 990 fame!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's always fun to dust off the 101 Audio Vault...reel to reel, cart machines, 45 rpm records, and today MRB~


Monday, November 10, 2014

Got Photo? 

Send your photographs and memories to 101 at 

This is me back in the day at WIVK when the station was located on Bearden Hill!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

One of the legends..."Your Dave Young"~


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Birthday week wishes to Phil Jarnigan!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Dobbs for POTUS!!!

Happy November!

Back in the day, perhaps even now, many radio stations would use the midnight station ID as a big banner for this, that, and the other.

The 101 Audio Vault features the classic voice of Eddy Roy on WNOX~


Monday, October 27, 2014

While prowling through some old files this weekend, I came across a photo from 1966. Taken in the long-gone WKGN control room on Cumberland Avenue, this shot reminded me of how many aspiring east Tennessee radio and TV professionals got their start thanks to the late George Mooney. 

Back then, I was not much of a Top 40 DJ, and had just proven that in a series oh-early-thirty Monday morning air shifts. However, WKGN also stood for "Where Knoxville Gets News." A few days after my "last shot at an 'air slot,' " I overheard The Voice of the Vols telling (in that marvelous thundering voice) PD Joe Sullivan to keep me on as a news stringer. "Get him a Press Card and the Uher (a high quality reel-to-reel tape recorder) and make sure he gets airtime," Mooney said in an overheard conversation. 

I cannot recall their names, but Mr. Mooney also gave career boosts to many others during that time. Young talent recorded commercials, answered phones in the evenings, did occasional newscasts, and got invaluable practical experience. 

With the ownership of many stations now in the hands of nationwide conglomerates, those priceless training opportunities are gone. And broadcasting is poorer for this sort of "progress." However, Knoxville, and the Vols, and scores of young media professionals are VERY fortunate that George Mooney came our way. Thank you, again, Mr. Mooney.

Art Miller

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Sunday!

These days he's an esquire but back in the day Rick Davis was spinning the hits on "Cookin' 'KGN"!


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Monday, October 20, 2014


Do you remember the iron man, Jim Humphries? Jim stayed on the air longer than anyone had up until that time and was penciled into the Guinness Book of World Records! (...and yes 101 was a fan in the crowd cheering on Jim when he broke the record, he was on location at Suburban Center)

The 101 Audio Vault~


Thursday, October 16, 2014

I enjoyed your blog immensely today. The good old days of Knoxville radio are still vivid in my memory. I listened daily as teen in Middlesboro KY--"bout an hour away from Ktown.

I went on to eventually have a number 1 book in my market in KY-with my radio show at WXJB fm. Subsequently I was invited by Les Acree to work weekends on WIVK. After Les left I continued to work for Mike Hammond on air on overnights and weekends.

My broadcast handle was "Billy Jack."

No one seems to remember me-sometimes it feels like I'm an outcast. However, I count my on air time at WIVK from 1997-2000 as THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!

"Billy Jack"
James W. Carey, Jr.
Wivk 1997-2000

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dave Foulk starts chemo today...let's pray and cheer Dave back to perfect health!!! Click on the link at the top right of our 101 blog!
2day we dust off the 101 Audio Vault for a trip back to the late '70's and a tantalizing trio...Bill Miller aka Suitcase Simpson, Randy Miller on WATO, and Bill Page~


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101 gives a big shout out to former Ktown radio star Chuck Edwards, now on the air at WYCD in Detroit. Here's the link to Chuck's show...Edwards and Lee