Thursday, October 23, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014


Do you remember the iron man, Jim Humphries? Jim stayed on the air longer than anyone had up until that time and was penciled into the Guinness Book of World Records! (...and yes 101 was a fan in the crowd cheering on Jim when he broke the record, he was on location at Suburban Center)

The 101 Audio Vault~


Thursday, October 16, 2014

I enjoyed your blog immensely today. The good old days of Knoxville radio are still vivid in my memory. I listened daily as teen in Middlesboro KY--"bout an hour away from Ktown.

I went on to eventually have a number 1 book in my market in KY-with my radio show at WXJB fm. Subsequently I was invited by Les Acree to work weekends on WIVK. After Les left I continued to work for Mike Hammond on air on overnights and weekends.

My broadcast handle was "Billy Jack."

No one seems to remember me-sometimes it feels like I'm an outcast. However, I count my on air time at WIVK from 1997-2000 as THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!

"Billy Jack"
James W. Carey, Jr.
Wivk 1997-2000

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dave Foulk starts chemo today...let's pray and cheer Dave back to perfect health!!! Click on the link at the top right of our 101 blog!
2day we dust off the 101 Audio Vault for a trip back to the late '70's and a tantalizing trio...Bill Miller aka Suitcase Simpson, Randy Miller on WATO, and Bill Page~


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101 gives a big shout out to former Ktown radio star Chuck Edwards, now on the air at WYCD in Detroit. Here's the link to Chuck's show...Edwards and Lee

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where were you in '78? 

Me...I was a weekend DJ at WIVK and a student at UT!

The year kicked off with Van Radford working 8p-midnight on WRJZ!
Foster Arnett was "flying" the Z-plane and reporting traffic at WRJZ!
Saturday Night Fever was playing on the big screen!
Bert Bertelkamp was a starting guard for the Vols basketball team!
News anchors at Channel 10 WBIR were Van Hackett and Bill Williams!
Thelma Randby was the WIVK office manager!
Mike Beach had a "golden finger award" on his WNOX show!
103.5 FM was WBIR and they played country!

...and James Turk aka James Maurice was spinning the hits at WNOX. Let's dust off the 101 Audio Vault!


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Get 101% well soon wishes to Dave Foulk!!!

Friday, October 03, 2014

His Holiness...

If memory serves me I first met Randy "Arch" Bishop when he was spinning hits at, believe it or not, Ruby Tuesday when the restaurant was a yummy hole in the wall eatery on Kingston Pike in West Knoxville, had to be around 1975. I went on to DJ with Arch at WIVK, bet you may have worked with him too.

The 101 Audio Vault features Arch back in the day...


Page 3~

Thanks to the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame for mentioning 101 in their recent news letter!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to YDY 101 Wall of Fame member Jean Ash!!!

Jean was first heard on "Cookin' 'KGN" in the mid 70's followed by decades as a leading news anchor at WIVK. 

Jean was good pals with Lester Longmire and Mr Schultz, and of course Claude the Cat too! Time to dance!!!

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101 is updating the links to the right, let me know if yours is outdated and needs to be reworked!

Monday, September 22, 2014

WIVK was sounding magical back in ', not because I was a DJ there then, ha, but because of the incredible talent and voices.

Here's Joe Grant, Your Dave, Sargent Wayne Bell, and Dan Bell in the 101 Audio Vault~


Sunday, September 14, 2014

From the 101 InBox...

George,  Enjoy your Radio 101 Blog -- Grew up listing to Knoxville radio while living in Oak Ridge.

I remember you at WIVK, even attended a bluegrass concert at Knoxville Auditorium which you hosted with the Knoxville Grass and McPeak Brothers.

Just have a curious question.  I worked many years at Y-12 in Oak Ridge as a statistician and remember working with a guy named Spears Vavalides -- I always wondered if he may have been kin to you, he was old enough to have probably been your dad. 

(Earl Nall)

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Yes my Dad was Spears, my son is Spears too (2)!

Back in the late 70's Jimmy Vineyard and I MC'd several "Bluegrass on Parade" concerts...

Happy Birthday to 101 radio legend Mike Hammond!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

"George, I thank you for the honor of having the wall of fame named for me. You do a good job and it's nice to see all the old memories" (Your Dave Young)

"George, looked over all of the WOF inductees this morning and loved it. I worked with several of these folks, others were "worthy adversaries", all are deserving. I was especially happy to see Sonny Knight among the most recent inductees. He was a prince of a guy who left us too soon. Eddie Beacon (yo' swingin' deacon) was among the best Top 40 night jocks ever. Of course, Dr Al Adams and his friend/nemesis Willard Duck were the original Duck Dynasty. Keep up the good work." (Paul Randall Dickerson aka Possum Riley)

Thiiiiiiiis is Paul Oscar Anderson...

Thanks to Chris Stubblefield for this classic pamphlet of POA on KOL radio.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Thanks for all the cards and letters (emails) regarding our wonderful 2015 YDY 101 WOF selections!!!

Do you remember when radio was all live and all local? It's now been a few years since the rug was pulled from under the legs of Jack Ryan as night time DJ at WIVK. Jack and Hoss handled an 11 hour block of radio brilliance at the frog from 7p-6a but were replaced with syndicated programming. That overall trend continues in our transistor world!

Before Hoss, the overnight WIVK airwaves was handled by the "midnight rider" Terry Womack. Terry joins our YDY 101 WOF, here he is in the 101 Audio Vault...


Page 3...

Hoss (Ron Cantwell) can be heard daily on sister stations WMTN mornings and WCRK afternoons!