Friday, November 27, 2015

101 hopes you had a groovy Thanksgiving!

Starting in late '76 up until they flipped to a country format in early '82, WRJZ 620 was a major market sounding top 40 radio station.

CP and Walker were held over from the WETE day and names like Tim Edwards, Adele, John Boy, Mark Thompson, etc were part of the air force.

The 101 Audio Vault features midday DJ and production director JJ Scott...


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WKGN has a long history of wild and crazy nighttime DJs...Dr Al Adams, Jack Diamond, and Kent Newton come to mind.

In the 70's WNOX 990 threw a counter punch with The Aardvark!

Robin Huff aka The Aardvark aka the more mellow Scott Majors is here on the 101 Audio Vault~


Monday, November 23, 2015

Chris Hampton remembers WKGN~

...back in the day before AM radio was dumped in the irrelevant bin, this was a great radio station. I was there for part of it, but wasn't there during its heyday when they were located in the heart of Big Orange country on Cumberland Ave. Some great jocks kicked out the best rock of the day from those studios and there are more than a few great stories that took place in those hallways. When radio was relevant, 'KGN was right there in the middle of it. Miss those days!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy 29 to...Paul Edward Brantley!!!

Happy Friday!

The 101 Audio Vault has dusted off the voice boxes of 3 Ktown DJs from the 70's...

Here are Terry Womack on WIVK, Jody Lee on Music Country 103, and Stuart Clark (Keith Brunson) on the new Disco 13~


Page 3...

There's a great radio story in Knoxville Mercury talking about Ktown in the 60's...Eddie Beacon, Chip Emerson, Gary Adkins, Bill Johnson, and Johnny Pirkle take us down memory lane!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Recently we featured a story about those tried and true Knoxville AM radio stations that remain with the same call letters and at the same dial position from way, way back...

We left out WKXV...they signed on the air on Valentine's Day 1953...and that's the gospel truth!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kerry Lambert, Mike Beck, Rusty Brown, and Cole Langford (who did I miss) all came out of the West High class of '75 and went straight in to the broadcast booth.

WKGN was a launching pad for many radio careers, Kerry aka Kris with a K Lee aka Keith Lambert was part of the transition at WKGN from top 40 to disco, yes disco! Here's the 101 Audio Vault~


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Regarding Claude Tomlinson~

"There is no doubt in my mind that Claude was the most creative, inventive, entertaining and versatile individual to ever sit behind a microphone, not only in Knoxville, but anywhere radio existed. He wrote and recorded his own jingles and agency quality commercials, wrote and aired his own comedy bits, shared among 3 world class characters (all created and played by him), picked the music and created most of the contests and promotions for a daytime only station that routinely embarrassed stronger, full time stations for many years. To judge the work of a radio person, one must first have a working knowledge of what goes into doing the job, and I have followed the industry and its people for over seventy years. Nobody ever came close to Claude the Cat in his prime." (Johnny Pirkle)

Monday, November 09, 2015


"We used a diesel pick up as our remote unit at WNOX in the early 80's under Mac Sanders. I found this picture a few days ago." (Jerry Howell)
WNOX 990 AM (summer of '82)~
6-10  Your Dave Young
10-2  Scott Majors
2-6  Jerry Howell
7-12  Jim Donovan
12-6  Jan Jennings

Friday, November 06, 2015

Claude Tomlinson signed WIVK on the air back in 1953...and the rest is history! 

Here's a classic CAT moment from his Great Day morning program in the late 80's~


Page 3...

Birthday wishes this week to Merle-FM personality Phil Jarnagin!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

WKGN Jingles!

If my (101 years old) memory serves me...WKGN 1340 is the only remaining station in Knoxville from the 70's that still sports the same call letters at the same dial position (licensed to Ktown). 

WETE 620
WIVK 850
WNOX 990
WBIR 1240
WKGN 1340
WJBE 1430
WROL 1490

PS...if I missed a station, send 101 a legendary story at

Via modern day technology I am now able to dial twist from Orlando to Knoxville and enjoy all the East Tennessee radio stations including the new WKGN format~ "FOX Sports Radio Knoxville".

WKGN currently features local sports programming in both drive times~ Nate Hodges in the am, and Russell Smith afternoons.

A 101er posted an old jingle package of WKGN from the 60's on the 101 Facebook page...


Sunday, November 01, 2015

Did you grow up with 1340?

George Mooney, Al Adams, Joe Sullivan, Mike Beach, Bob Baron, Possum Riley, Chris Hampton, Sonny Knight, Wayne Bernard, the names go on and on...WKGN 1340 Knoxville!
The dial position has returned to prominence with a new sports format...and starting Monday Russell Smith's afternoon show "The Drive" joins the line up!
Ktown radio history is made every day!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Memories from Bob Love~

Hey George,

I was pleasantly surprised to be included in the August 5, 2015, 101 Audio Vault for early 1987 when I was on the air at WNOX. I will say, that looking at the list of 101 Wall of Fame, I worked with at least half of them. I'm proud to contribute as brief as I can, some highlights of my 20 year broadcasting career.

Like many, I attended Russ Skinner's Professional Academy of Broadcasting in Knoxville where I was in class with Channing Smith. Some of the instructors at PAB during my time were Mike Hammond, Kerry Lambert, Jean Ash, Dr. Al Adams, Buster Sutton and Colvin Idol. 

My first radio job was at WSEV in June of 1982, 6pm to sign off, which was at sunset at that time. Colvin Idol was great and helped me get that job. Larry Trotter was the PD. U-102 was also in the building, so I got to work with some great people, Bill Miller, Dave Dunaway, Tom Van Hart, Mike Clark, and David Henley are some that I remember. On WSEV I worked with Sam Truen, Phil Jarnigan, Gene Vestal and Bob Bell. I got promoted to mid-days. I stayed at WSEV for a couple of years and then moved on to WIVK. I would eventually work a total of 5 times at WSEV, including during the time Chuck Ketron owned the station. I was also there when Dollywood owned it. I appeared on Dolly's Thanksgiving special on ABC TV. It's on youtube. It was really cool to see that old video on line recently. 

 I stayed at WIVK for 2 and half years. I remember not only working on the FM but also on WHIG AM 850. I recall Saturday mornings on the AM with Ron Sprowl doing news. Of course all the big names we are all familiar with worked during that time at WIVK. I was at the studio the morning Claude Tomlinson broadcast his show from the hospital bed. I think Micky Dearstone was there at the hospital and Claude stopped talking once and if I remember right, it was thought he was having a seizure. That's dedication for ya! Curtis Parham was someone I remember well during my time at WIVK. I wrote some commercial copy while working there. Curtis could make anything sound good, even something I wrote. I also remember Martin Baker and Laura Paul among others.

I moved on to WNOX, some names I recall there included Bill Beason, Dave Jeffries, Tom Miller and Jerry Caylor. I worked with Jerry again in the early 90s in the Tri-Cities and he was a super guy. I also worked more than once with Ed Arnold, who has been operations Manager at WCRK for a long time now. I've got to mention Mike Keith. He was just starting out doing some work at WNOX when I was there. I remember how nervous he was during one of his first sports reports. Wow, look where he's at now. Bob Kesling was doing the Lady Vols games on WNOX at that time as well.

 I worked for a year doing afternoons at WKGN playing oldies in 1989. That was a blast. Eddie Beacon was the PD and I was the Production Director. 

I later worked for 10 years in the Tri-Cities market at US99 in Johnson City, WGOC in Blountville, as well as WIKQ, WGRV and WSMG in Greeneville. I did lots of sports play-by-play over the years and have great memories from that as well. I still have dreams about my days in radio. I thought it was what I'd always be doing since it's all I every really wanted to do. I'm living in Oak Ridge and doing well working in the IT field these days. I'm glad to be able to share what were some of the best times of my life.

Bob Love